Patients under the age of 18 will generally be seen the first time for approximately 55 minutes.  It is required that at least one parent or guardian attend this initial session.    This diagnostic evaluation may also include a review of any outside information, including information from a referral source, hospital records (if provided), and any psychological testing which may have been done.  Any records from the school would be appreciated if they are pertinent to the child’s care.  “I will see the parent and patient together initially then, depending upon the child’s age, I may spend some time talking with a teenager alone and some time with the parent(s) alone.  Occasionally, even some teens are anxious and wish the parent to be present for the entire interview.  I always work to make everyone feel comfortable about the process.”

Patients and their parent(s) may be asked to complete brief screening assessments, as well as discuss the importance of signing consents if other therapists, physicians or school personnel are involved.  If laboratory (blood) testing or electrocardiograms are required, it will be discussed. Dr. Bauman can order medical testing, if needed. 

Always warm, respectful and compassionate, Dr. Bauman is especially known for her ability to talk to children and teens. “In the case of treating a child or teenager, I am working with them and with their family.  It is important we work together as a team.  Obviously, there may be some differences of opinion.  That is not unusual.  What is important is that we all arrive at a plan of action that is comfortable for everyone.  I will work with each child and their family to develop a unique and comfortable therapeutic approach designed to address their specific needs.”

Please note that at the present time, Dr. Bauman is providing primarily medication management on an on-going basis although she does have some psychotherapy patients.  In part this is due to the structure of many health insurance plans, but also reflects the tremendous need in our community for experts in psychopharmacology.  “Given the tremendous number of requests for medication management, I am not able to do traditional weekly psychotherapy with every patient myself.  Fortunately, there are many excellent therapists in our community that I have worked with frequently, people I trust to give excellent care.  We can discuss possible recommendations for therapists if you do not already have one.   And in each and every session, I do provide brief, goal-directed psychotherapy.”  

“As a former pediatrician and as a parent myself, I truly understand the concern and uneasiness that surround taking your child to see a psychiatrist.  These feelings are even more pronounced when considering the possibility of medication.”  Note that a family will never feel pressure to start or add a medication, but it is important to know that the option is available under Dr. Bauman’s care.   If continuing care or medication management is needed, the family and Dr. Bauman will work as a team to determine the best course of action and frequency of visits.



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